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macOS 10.13 
(version 10.12+)


Windows 10 
(version 1709+)

Windows 7


Please check our support materials to learn how to use your Sensor Dots and the Composer software.
In case you are experiencing issues, please submit a support ticket. We'll contact you as soon as possible!
General inquiries can be submitted via the contact form.


Version 1.0.25

  • Make Composer more reliable in restricted network environments
  • Improved reliability for syncing

Version 1.0.24

  • Significantly improved reliability for data downloads from your Sensor Dots
  • Improved launch time on Windows computers running certain cloud storage solutions
  • An improved method for data recovery should something go wrong
  • Bug fixes for experiment notes

Version 1.0.8

  • New: Windows 7 Support
  • New: Windows 32-bit Support
  • Improved: Better reliability for wireless connectivity to Sensor Dots
  • Improved: Logging to help better solve customer issues
  • Improved: The Composer should be less prone to occasional 'freezes' on Windows
  • Fix: Issue where the Driver for the Dock was not installed correctly
  • Fix: Issue where experiment metadata (e.g. name) were not properly included in the sync folder name
  • Fix: Issue with incorrect number of samples in data files
  • Fix: Workaround for Microsoft OneDrive File-on-Demand


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