Data Scientist

We are a Belgian-American wearable health startup with offices in Antwerp, Belgium and Silicon Valley, California. Our goal? To become a global wearable health leader, make the Byteflies brand synonymous with medical wearables, and be at the forefront of healthcare and clinical trial innovation. If that piqued your interest, you came to the right place!

You are a scientist at heart driven by a never ending curiosity to transform a bucket of time series data into beautiful visualizations and clear takeaways for a wide variety of stakeholders. You have a natural ability to do this for both "n of 1" experiments, as well as studies with hundreds of participants. You join our Antwerp office to hack together rudimentary yet elegant signal processing pipelines. You combine this with at least a basic understanding of human physiology and act as the conduit between the signal processing team, application team, and our customers.

Your role

  • Identify the most relevant medical insights and physiologic features for our customers and projects
  • Set up and manage signal and digital biomarker validation studies
  • Crunch the data from those studies and present the data in simple but powerful dashboards
  • Provide continuous feedback and input to the ML engineers to continuously improve their feature extraction models
  • Excellent team player who can translate feedback into clear and concise code

Your skills

  • At least 2 years of relevant experience in a data science heavy position, preferentially combined with a good background in physiology, medicine, or an equivalent field
  • Fluent in Python or equivalent (we lean heavily on Python/Jupyter)
  • Filter design, feature extraction, artifact detection, and other common signal processing algorithms are all in your toolbox with a specific focus on (physiologic) time series analysis
  • Basic familiarity with machine learning concepts
  • Experience with large dataset workflows: parallelization, larger-than-memory tools, dataset management and maintenance
  • Quick learner who's comfortable around scientific literature
  • High-achiever who thrives in a fast-paced and multidisciplinary environment, and is willing to go the extra mile when the job calls for it
  • Professional fluency in English and team player with good communication skills (Byteflies is an English-speaking company)

We can dream

  • Dual degree/background in physiology or medicine and signal processing
  • Extensive experience with development of algorithms for multimodal signal analysis and feature extraction from ambulatory time series
  • Solid background in pattern recognition methodologies, including wavelet analysis and neural networks

We offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Rapid career development paths
  • Public transport reimbursement
  • Twenty paid vacation days
  • Laptop (Macbook)
  • Work-permit assistance (if applicable)
  • Awesome co-workers
  • Great team events


Apply Now!


We'd like to get to know you right away, so we've prepared a representative case study. Please access it here and attach a new document with your answers when you send in your application. We won't be able to review your application unless your answers are attached!